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Welcome to Doctations.com, the site for physicians and healthcare professionals who are members of the DocPatient Network. If you are tired of the frustrations of missed phone calls, insufficient data at the time of the doctor-patient encounter, delayed lab results, awkward documentation technology and other communication problems that impede patient care, you will be pleased with how Doctations web Based EMR can serve your needs.

On-Demand Healthcare Systems = Better Quality of Care

  • Access to electronic patient medical records anytime from anywhere through a secure Internet connection.
  • Access to multiple databases of medical and disease management information.
  • Access to the shared patient database (SPDB) serving all providers involved in the treatment of the patient.

Don´t Be Shackled By Paper.  Liberate Yourself From Your Data.

Doctations web Based EMR provides solutions to physicians to help optimize their practice. Physicians can document their patient encounters through the use of various inputs methods. Patient encounters can be documented through the use of in-line dictation, Shared Patient Data, Named/Normal phrases, etc. Doctations, Inc. flawless five-step program helps physicians and their practices go paperless by placing many of their source data (reports, faxing, mail, etc.) and business processes securely online. Doctations EMR System Out Servicing technology, enables physicians to outsource to utilize salaried staff or outside service providers.

Connect and Optimize Your Outcomes

Through the Doctations EMR System, physicians and offices are able to collaborate and connect which in turn will optimize their outcomes. Patients, clinicians and back-office staff can send/receive secure text/audio/video messages. To further improve an office’s efficiency, Doctations, Inc. has partnered with SureScripts and Quest Diagnostics to send prescription requests and order labs. Doctations has partnered with Elsevier, Inc. to provide health educational material to patients as well as real-time decision support alerts.


Doctations provides tools for your to build as many Virtual Medical Groups (VMG) as you need. You can invite colleagues to join the group online and they can accept. VMG's can be used to create "disease treatment groups" and "On call Groups". You can send messages to one or all of the same group. You can assign access privileges to each of the members of your group to access your medical information when "on-call". You can create tasks and share information such as patient demographics, insurance info and medical data with other members of the medical group as required and in a HIPAA-compliant manner. You can be a member of as many Virtual Medical Groups as you would like.

Maintain Your Privacy

Doctations uses a 128-bit SSL connection through any standard web-browser. All data exchange is stored in our HIPAA Compliant server farm. Doctations provides several authentication modes to verify a user’s identity. End-users have the option of using voice authentication to login and finalize documents.

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Shared Patient Data Base (SPDB)

The Doctations Web Based EMR includes a unique Shared Patient Data Base (SPDB) containing a specific set of data that almost every physician, regardless of specialty, must acquire, analyze and record when caring for the patient. The SPDB includes allergies, medications, social history, medical history, surgical history, vaccination history, review of systems, hospitalizations, etc.

This PHR information represents a substantial portion of the medical record and, in fact, constitutes more than 50% of the content of a new patient report and more than 33% of the content of a follow-up report on average.

In addition to recording this data in a report, the Doctations electronic patient medical records system also stores this data in a separate SPDB database meant to be shared among providers, regardless of geography and healthcare organization. This is done only with explicit patient permission. The iMedicalHome personal health record software provides an SPDB, under the patient’s control, that includes the above information and is also where the patient can store reports on medical conditions from his/her doctor, lab reports, legal documents and family or proxy-related information.

In an emergency, a verified ER staff member or doctor may gain access to the SPDB and review the patient’s current medical conditions and take them into consideration in choosing treatment options.back to top


All software that comprises the DocPatient Network suite of offerings is proprietary. All software is HIPAA compliant.


All information entered or transferred is encrypted in both directions. We follow the HTTPS and DES 256 Security standards and protocols. All data entered or viewed by a provider or a patient is auditable.

Privacy Policy:

Doctations will exercise commercially reasonable efforts to store, ensure the privacy of, back-up, encrypt and otherwise safeguard Patients’ electronic patient medical records. Doctations’ employees, agents or third-party service providers will not have access to Patients’ digital medical records, unless specifically granted access by Doctations in order to perform certain system-specific maintenance tasks. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Doctations may disclose Patients’ digital medical records if required to do so by law, or if Doctations, in good faith, believes that such disclosure is necessary to (i) comply with law or any requirements of Doctations pursuant to any lawsuit, order, decree or service of process, (ii) protect or defend the rights or property of Doctations, Providers or other Subscribers, or (iii) protect the personal safety of Subscribers or the general public.

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Collaboration Tools

A major benefit of entering data into a computer, whether it be clinical data or practice business data, is the ability to collaborate in order to optimize efficiencies. Most software systems never address this opportunity. The Doctations Web Based EMR is designed from the ground up to maximize collaboration.

Collaboration between physicians to:

  • A. Optimize care of patients when care involves more than one physician.
  • B. Optimize efficiencies between practice divisions when they are integrated into Web Integrated Physician Practice Groups (WIPPs)

To help physicians integrate their practices for these purposes, Doctations provides many tools including:

  • Inter-Practice Scheduling
  • Inter-Practice Text & Multimedia Messaging
  • Inter-Practice, HIPAA-compliant Patient Data Sharing during the patient encounter
  • Inter-Practice Work Flow Management
  • Integrated Video Conferencing
  • Integrated Web Conferencing
  • Document Management & OutService Support to gain source data & process independence & control.
  • Internet-Based Centralized Services to Support Patient Care
  • Internet-Based Centralized Services to Support Physician Practice
  • Integrated Online Customer Support

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Internet-enabled, digital medical record. This is the Doctation. IDMR-based electronic patient medical records leapfrog other EMR technologies by providing tools that promote HIPAA-compliant patient data sharing at the time of the patient encounter and other functions that allow the doctor to generate a complex, highly accurate report in under two minutes.

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Doctations FAQ

What is Doctations?

Doctations is a Web Based EMR, an Internet-based electronic patient medical records documentation, practice management and revenue cycle administration system. Doctors spend 33% of their day documenting. We save doctors 50% to 90% of this time, that's almost 30,000 minutes per year for a doctor seeing 40 patients a day, 240 days a year. But we do more; we also help you save money. Our EMR system reduces data entry redundancy, facilitates re-use of data and the use of standard phrases we call Normal phrases, Named phrases, and Shared Patient Data Base (SPDB) data. These phrases can be customized easily. This helps increase your revenue by helping you create documents that accurately reflect patient condition and qualify for higher reimbursement. Most important, Doctations creates a platform for more efficient, accurate, and complete information exchange while reducing the cost of running a practice.

What do I need to use this system?

You need a computer with any of the following platforms: Linux, Windows XP (or later) or Mac OS X (or later). You need a high bandwidth Internet connection such as a cable or DSL connection. You will also need at least 1GB RAM, preferably 2 gigs. To use the application, any of the following standard web-browsers would do: Internet Explorer 6, 7 or later, Fire Fox 2, 3 or later, and Safari.

Is this medical information secure?

At Doctations, we have taken every measure to ensure that medical information is secure. We have taken measures above and beyond Federal privacy rules (i.e., Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, HIPAA). All identifying information is encrypted, both during transit through the Internet and when stored in our database which is under the tightest possible security and protected from unauthorized access. Insurance companies and employers cannot access patient’s medical information without the doctor’s authorization. For those who require a higher level of security, we have added voice authentication to the usual login name and password security system. Our servers are housed in a HIPAA compliant server farm.

How is Doctations different from regular e-mail?

Some doctors may want to communicate with their patients by e-mail. Unfortunately, e-mail is not secure and sending private medical information by e-mail is a HIPAA violation. Doctations messages differ from regular e-mail in that they are encrypted and only accessible through our application or iMedicalHome, our personal health record software or PHR, for patients. Also, unlike regular e-mail, which relies on multiple file servers distributed throughout the Internet, Doctations uses a centrally managed, secure database which ensures that messages cannot be intercepted.

Do Insurers Allow Reimbursement for Online Consults?

While not universal, billing for online consults is accepted by more than a dozen healthcare insurers, and the number is growing rapidly. Since 2004, Blues plans in Florida and Massachusetts have been providing reimbursement for online consulting. As you may know, the AMA has been lobbying for this for some time. And the government is also engaged in promoting the use of secure, transportable, and consumer-controlled personal health records (PHRs) and communication services for Americans. On March 1, 2007, Congressman Patrick Kennedy (D-RI) was joined by leaders from all corners of the healthcare industry to introduce a new version of The Personalized Health Information Act. One provision of that Act will reimburse physicians for every patient who is enrolled in a program like the Doctations EMR system. The DocPatient Network is the future of healthcare in America.

What Does Doctations Cost?

There are several levels of service for you to choose from. Basic membership for a doctor is free. For this, you have access to a common database of medical historical information regarding a patient such as a patient's medications, allergies, hospitalizations, immunizations, etc. You also have access to our secure communications system. Pay as you go membership is $399.99 per year and provides all of the above plus the ability to create, edit and maintain electronic patient medical records using our Web based EMR. You can schedule a patient in seconds by simply entering his or her membership ID. All of the patient's demographic and insurance information is instantly transferred to your system. The patient is sent appointment and medication reminders by our secure messaging system. The All-Inclusive membership service provides all the features listed above at a lower cost per use with additional services such as: access to Elsevier’s iConsult (medical textbooks and journal articles online).

What does it cost?

For a full explanation, first review our products by clicking on the products buttons on the top menu bar and then select the Doctations pricing link on the left hand side. With this information, you can decide what level of service is best suited to your needs.

How Do I Get Started?

To get started, simply click on the Register Now menu button on the upper right. Before you do this, please read the following.

The DocPatient Network has been designed to be a highly secure healthcare network with the purpose of uniting doctors and patients in the pursuit of better healthcare and more efficient front-and-back-office operations. Even our registration process has been designed with these goals in mind. In order for you to register on our system, we ask doctors and patients to provide personal information that can be used to identify them in case of an emergency or if they are unable to recall their login name or password. This information is critical to our ability to maintain security for all members of the network and to be able to provide medical profile information to emergency department personnel if a member is incapacitated, and emergency personnel are unable to retrieve his or her membership ID.

Although you are registering as a physician rather than a patient, we have a standard registration format for all members of the DocPatient Network. Doctors can be patients too!

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Physician's Cockpit

The Doctations "Physician's Cockpit" function provides visualization tools designed to help the practitioner better manage their practice. These tools provide physicians with the ability to remotely monitor clinical and business processes in real time. Management functions include the ability to assign tasks to particular members of staff or outsource companies as required.

See Examples Below:

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