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Talk-To-Pay* Ultra
Price per Month $0
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Meaningful Use Certified EHR: Yes Yes Yes
System Upgrades & Backups Yes Yes Yes Yes
Google-Searchable Provider Web Page Yes Yes Yes Yes
DPN-Wide Messaging, Tasking, Scheduling Yes Yes Yes Yes
DPN-Fax (Secure Inter-Practice File Exchange) Yes Yes Yes Yes
iPhone/iPad App: DocApp   Yes Yes Yes
Document Management Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited Claims Printing   Yes Yes Yes
ePrescribing Yes Yes Yes
Integrated Medical Journal/Patient Education Search (optional) (optional) Yes
Seamlessly Integrated World Class Voice Recognition (unlimited)   (optional) (optional) Yes
iBillWell- Medical Billing Online   Yes Yes
Claim Submission Call Yes
RSB (Rapid Sequence Billing)     Yes Yes
Claim Scrubbing     Yes Yes
Transcription Fees   Call Call Call
Computer Assisted Coding
Unlimited codes per document
  Call Call Call
Scheduler & Encounter Forms     Yes Yes
Insurance Eligibility Checks     Yes Yes
Customer Support by Email Yes Yes Yes
Customer Support by Phone       Yes
Assigned Personal Account Representative       Yes
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*EMR and PMS in one application, sharing one database, with discrete outsourcing (call for information (877)-Doc-PATIent)

**PMS: iBillWell Practice Management System. Comprehensive revenue cycle management (RCM) solution.

***DPN also offers discounts for large organizations and non-physician providers. Call us at (877)-Doc-Patient or (516) 536-7841 if you think you qualify for a discount, or contact us through our online form HERE

Subscription Fees And Locations Of Service:

The subscription fees include unlimited staff ("seats"), centralized back-up and administration, and unlimited LOS's (ie, there is no additional monthly subscription fees for multiple LOS's).

Software Subscription Fees are waived for providers that use DPN Billing Services.

"iMedicalHome" Subscriptions For Our Patients:

iMedicalHome.com, patient-centered health information management web app is included without cost for the patients of all providers who use either Doctations or iBIllWell.

Additional Business Entities:

Additional entities (that is, business entities with distinct GovernmentTax ID's, owned by the practice), can be added for an additional fee of $1500 for training and setup for Doctations only and $2500 for Doctations and iBIllWell. In addition, there is a subscription surcharge of $99 per provider per month for Doctations (EMR) only and $199 per provider per month for both Doctations and iBillWell (EMR & PMS) as long as the provider is a member of the medical practice entity. Automated, unlimited data interchange between the business entities is included at no extra fee.

Pricing Policy:

Colleagues who need to pay less can call us for consideration for our "Primary CareGiver Program" reduced fees. Please remember that an EMR is much more than an "electronic medical record". The EMR has evolved into the clinical counterpart of the PMS (Practice Management System). Most EMR's and PMS's were either built by separate companies or the EMR is actually an add-on to an existing PMS product. They are almost always separate applications using separate databases. Doctations and iBillWell are not legacy software systems. They were built from the ground up using the latest internet technology to yield efficiencies and scalability not previously possible. And not only is Doctations is ONCIT Meaningful Use Certified - COMPLETE, it can help you generate clinically valid and highly codable documentation in just a few minutes.

We Are The Best! Find Out For Yourself

Doctations and iBillWell are actually two parts of one system sharing one database. This DPN advantage is profound. DPN solutions make it possible to reduce back-office staff to doctor ratios to less than 1 staff per provider thereby allowing more staff to focus on the patient care experience and patient care outcomes. The DPN suite of web applications, which consist of Doctations, iBillWell, iMedicalHome (for our patients) and iTranscribe, allow for a level of automation, "discrete outsourcing" and control never before possible. We believe that DPN is the MOST COMPREHENSIVE, MOST AUTOMATED, MOST UNIFIED medical practice technology ever created and we CHALLENGE YOU TO FIND BETTER. Please register to become a member now. And call anytime to schedule a demo. 1-877-DOC-PATIent

Optional DPN Services

On-Site Practice Implementation & Training Call For Pricing
Patient Statement Mailing Service Call For Pricing
Human Transcription Services Call For Pricing
Data Import Service Call For Pricing
EHR Lockbox: Download Monthly Backup EHR File Call For Pricing
Back-up DVD Call For Pricing

* Strongly recommended if not currently using a comprehensive, Meaningful Use certified EHR.

Fully Integrated Optional Services from Our Partners

Providers can customize DocPatient Network service through our partners. Add Transcription Services, or Computer Assisted Coding (CAC). The full list is available Here. Find out how you can make your practice faster and more cost effective.

Optional Services

Optional Billing Services from our Partners

DPN partners with the best billing and coding companies in the business. Because our software is so flexible, we are able to integrate functionality with billing companies seamlessly so that providers can tailor DocPatient Network to their needs. Follow this link to learn more about our billing partners:

Optional Billing Services