What are the Benefits of Fastbraces?


Misaligned and badly spaced teeth are a serious defect in one’s smile. A good smile is so essential in the modern society that people who do not possess one start losing self-esteem. Many start shunning social functions for this reason seriously handicapping their social life. A good smile is also a definite plus in landing a job. Misaligned teeth have other serious effects. They can affect your bite-you may not be able to close your upper and lower jaws properly because the teeth may not mate well. Apart from marring your smile, misaligned teeth can make chewing difficult. You may also not be able to pronounce some types of words properly. 

Orthodontic Treatment with Conventional Braces

Braces are an excellent and time-tested orthodontal appliance for straightening and aligning teeth with poor alignment and spacing. Starting with the earliest and crude looking ‘metal-mouth’ version, over the decades the dental science of braces has also evolved though many forms. That is because of two major problems associated with the basic braces. 

Problems with the Conventional Braces

  • Aesthetics– Braces when worn make the wearer conspicuous. Most individuals would like not to look wearing any such thing on their teeth. Only, people are forced to wear braces because they hope to improve their smile at a later time. Thus, they live with braces grudgingly.
  • Lengthy Time of Treatment– Patients would like to get rid of their braces as soon as possible. But the time to achieve a complete alignment using the conventional is very long, running up to three years in complicated cases. 
  • Repeated Visits– During this period, the patient has to visit the dentist repeatedly for further adjustment of the braces. If that is not done, correction would stop. That means time and, of course, expense.

Evolution of Braces

Unfortunately, there is definitely a need for an orthodontic appliance which functions like the braces, that is, one which helps orthodontists straighten and align teeth of their patients. As a result of these multiple problems, dentists and engineers have applied their minds to eliminate or at least mitigate these handicaps. Fastbraces® are one of the modern results of these efforts. They allow a person to benefit from the corrective value of the conventional braces while mitigating considerably, the handicaps of lengthy treatment.

Introducing Fastbraces®

Fastbraces® is a patented development on the conventional braces. The designer recognized that the conventional braces take long to correct the teeth positions because of inherently being a two-stage process. The brackets used in the conventional braces tend to apply force primarily to the crown of the tooth. Thus, very little force is transferred to the root. When the tooth has straightened, it is then that the pressure gets gradually increased on the root. Thus, the root movement is delayed. 

Fastbraces® overcome this disadvantage of the conventional braces through a modified bracket design. The brackets used in the Fastbraces® are triangular instead of being rectangular as in the conventional braces. This design changes the pressure profile along the tooth. Pressure gets applied to the root also from day one. Both the crown and the root move simultaneously. This simple innovation reduces the treatment time.

Who Can Benefit from Fastbraces®?

This is a very logical question to ask. Not every innovation in the world is going to benefit everybody. But all those who can benefit from conventional braces can benefit from Fastbraces®. The additional benefit will be the lesser duration of treatment and discomfort. 

What are the Benefits of Fastbraces®?

Compared with the conventional braces, the Fastbraces® have the following advantages:

  • Significantly Lesser Discomfort – in case of traditional braces, a variety of orthodontic wires is required during treatment. On the other hand, Fastbraces® require only one wire throughout treatment, which significantly reduces the pain and discomfort of the patient. 
  • Lesser Treatment Time – How much time will Fastbraces® take to complete treatment? That varies from case to case. In cases of minor misalignment, three to four months will be sufficient, reducing the number of dental visits proportionally. In complicated case, the treatment time can extend over 10 to 12 months. That is a major advantage.  The treatment time is cut short by two to three times. The number of dental visits and the associated cost of time spent is also reduced.
  • No Need for Extraction – unlike the conventional braces which usually require extraction of one or more teeth in a jaw to create space for the alignment of teeth, there is no need for tooth extraction in a vast majority of cases with Fastbraces®. 
  • Variety of Treatment Options – in addition to being offered as conventional metallic braces, Fastbraces® which are prepared from a clear ceramic are also available for patient who are highly conscious of their facial esthetics. Furthermore, for individuals who think time is money, Fastbraces TURBO are available which significantly decrease the orthodontic treatment time. 

Any Downside?

You are very right in posing this question. Nothing comes for free in this world. Fastbraces® give you a major advantage over the conventional wire braces. But then, there is a price for that convenience. Fastbraces® cost more than the conventional braces. There ay also be a concern about whether the tooth movement is ‘too fast”. The fact of the matter is that time is reduced not through faster movement, but through a ‘parallel’ process. The root and the crown are now moving simultaneously rather than sequentially. That is how time of treatment is reduced.  

Should I Go for Fastbraces®?

The decision on whether braces will help you will be made in consultation with your orthodontist. The decision of whether you go for Fastbraces® will depend on your financial priorities also. If your insurance plan covers such a treatment, Fastbraces® will definitely win over the conventional braces. Similarly, if you can afford the higher cost of Fastbraces®, there is really not much to think. Go ahead and enjoy a much improved smile, not in years, but only in months!

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