Virtual Communication and Technology in Healthcare

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Virtual Communication and Technology Collaboration

A recent organizing collaboration between DocPatient, a healthcare business listing/digital campaign and advertisement company and Dialysis Education Services, a private post-secondary vocational training school is opening up conversations in Zoom meetings using virtual communication and technology that are unlike any in the country. It is rare to see the merging of healthcare disciplines and stakeholders for such open and harmonious discussions. Lessons are being learned, friends are being made, and uncomfortable yet necessary discussions are being had. The SPEAKEASY is emerging as a group of leaders that need intelligent ears to share their wisdom and knowledge with.

Virtual Communication and Technology made this happen

The collaborative is the brainchild of Michael Morales; a seasoned consultant and educator in the fields of Dialysis, Remote Patient Monitoring, Skilled Nursing Operations. Morales says, “I can’t take credit for this all on my own because there were so many of my colleagues in need of a place that is safe for sharing of data, best practices, and personal viewpoints related to the healthcare paradigm. I believe there is a more constructive place than social media to vent one’s opinions, experiences, and learn from others; we have incoporated the use of virtual communication and technology to bring together all types of professional, all types of opinions, and a plethora of experiences in one group of respect and professional courtesy among participants”.

Virtual Communication and Technology in Healthcare

In this meeting we are focusing and virtual communication and technology in health care but will also explore their enhance roles in everyday life. We have all made adaptaptations and adjustments in this COVID and equal rights era. Virtual Communications and Technology are essential tools in effeciency and safety in the healthcare world but have become a part of repoening businesses and revamping the operational models they follow. With all of the changes being made in industry, one must question why have these technologies not been used before and what took us so long to adapt.

The group is sure to have answers an opinions on those questions and more.

Next Meeting Topic:

  1. Virtual Comminucation and Technology in Healthcare

SPEAKEASY Participants:

  1. C-suite leaders of healthcare companies
  2. Operators and Administrators
  3. Doctors
  4. Nurses and Allied Health Care Professionals
  5. Biomedical and Technical Services
  6. Environmental Specialists
  7. Compliance Officers
  8. Vocational Schools
  9. Educators and Students
  10. Remote Patient Monitoring
  11. Telehealth/Telemedicine
  12. Healthcare Vendors
  13. Financial Professionals
  14. Venture Capitalists
  15. Marketers/Liaisons
  16. People affected by chronic illness and/or COVID-19
  17. Superheroes of all sorts
  18. and many more

Participant Feedback

“It’s fantastic when we can connect with personal stories like what we heard from Layce and Sam Trevino (Urine Inspiration) about overcoming the challenges of caring for loved ones – especially with Chronic Kidney Disease. These stories motivate us with a sense of urgency to build caring communities and technology solutions that can improve people’s lives. This is exactly why we must keep working together to help resolve some of the many challenges we are all facing in healthcare/homecare today.  These Speakeasy sessions are great.”

Pete Stevenson (President eCare21)

“I work for a dialysis supplies distributor and deal with dialysis clinics daily. It was exceedingly beneficial to me to be able listen to those who are in clinics everyday and understand what they are going through at this time and what their strategies are for managing the current issues they are faced with.  I have an even greater appreciation for what these nurses, techs, administrators and others within the clinics do on a daily basis. Thank you so much for putting these meetings together.”

Nate Tanner (Dialysis Distribution Representative)

“It was great to observe everyone’s point of view, the diversity, the opinions and how at the end of it all, we are all in this together regardless of our situation”.

Gisella Vasquez, RN (Transamerica Financial Advisors)

Invitation from the organizers

Guillermo Misa, Docpatient’s CEO says, “Docpatient is a collaborative company and organizing the Speakeasy is right inline with our vision, mission, and core value; working with Dialysis Education Services for the last ten years is evidence that your networks matter. Had I not been introduced to Michael Morales ten years ago, Docpatient would not exist and neither would the SPEAKEASY”. Michael Morales, Dialysis Education Services, CEO says, “Partnership with Docpatient has paid dividends; COVID-19 changed the average workday and made use technology, and alternatives to face-to-face encounter a must for all of us. Docpatient brings that knowledge of utilization to all of us on a one stop shop service platform for healthcare collaborations”.

About Docpatient: Docpatient (established 2020) is in the business of helping healthcare business with everything online. Business listings, Website builds, search engine optimization (SEO), content creation and delivery, job postings etc.

About Dialysis Education Services: Dialysis Education Services (established 2010) is a private post-secondary education school focused on training Dialysis Technicians and Dialysis Nurses for certification and eventual employment in a dialysis facility, hospital, or long term care facility.

For more information on Docpatient, Dialysis Education Services or to participate in the SPEAKEASY Collaborative visit and/or

Make sure to share this flyer and registration link with healthhcare professionals in search of continuing education credits!!! Let’s grow this community and help each other grow individually

Thursday, June27th, 2020
4:00 PM – 5:30 PM


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